Quantenna Announces Availability of Its 802.11ac 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi Solution on Intel® Puma™ 7 Platform for Next Generation Cable Modem Home Gateway

Leading-edge Intel® Puma™ 7 DOCSIS 3.1 Home Gateway reference design powered by Quantenna’s True 8x8™ QSR10G Wi-Fi with 12-Stream MIMO support delivering ultra-high speed performance and capacity

Las Vegas, NV. – January 5, 2016 -- Quantenna Communications, Inc. the leader in ultra-high performance Wi-Fi, today announced that it will deliver the industry’s first 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi product family for next generation cable modem home gateways. Quantenna’s True 8x8 QSR10G Wi-Fi platform when paired with the latest Intel® Puma™ 7 SoC, supporting latest DOCSIS 3.1 standard, will enable cable operators to deploy true multi-gigabit broadband services that can be seamlessly distributed throughout subscribers’ homes. “Wi-Fi has rapidly become one of the most important connectivity interface in emerging gateway platforms, we are privileged to work with Intel on the new Intel Puma 7 cable modem gateway reference design.” said Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO at Quantenna Communications. “With superior speed, range, capacity and reliability, 10G Wave 3 enabled products will be able to provide best-in-class Wi-Fi performance to consumers for improved whole home connected experiences.” Quantenna’s 10G Wave 3 platform delivers up to a maximum of 10Gbps speeds, dual-band dual-concurrent connectivity and up to 12 simultaneous streams through True 8x8™ MIMO configuration for 5GHz networks with a 4x4 MIMO configuration on 2.4GHz networks. 10G Wave3 platform provides industry leading Wi-Fi network capacity by maximizing the number of MU-MIMO clients under difficult network conditions. This means more total system capacity and aggregate throughput can be supported - a trend that continues unabated, as the number of clients increases per household over time. More consumers will experience extremely fast, very reliable video streaming experience, faster downloads and uploads, and better performance even at extremely long distances, in challenging high-density Wi-Fi home environments and outdoor applications like Wi-Fi hotspots. Lastly, to ensure easy integration and fit into the Intel Puma 7 reference design platform, the design of Quantenna’s 10G Wave 3 reference module form factor is the result of close development collaboration that will benefit the service provider OEMs through minimal engineering effort and faster time to market. “Consumers are demanding faster and better Wi-Fi at home,” said Dan Artusi, VP and GM of the Connected Home Division at Intel. “Intel is committed to support WiFi technology progression to the benefit of our customers and consumers. With Quantenna’s 10G Wave 3 integration on Intel Puma 7 Home Gateway Reference Designs, service providers can now unleash new broadband access and WiFi speeds, along with the ever-increasing growing number of connected devices, services and applications and provide ultimate experience.” Quantenna will demonstrate the 802.11ac 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi Solution on Intel Puma 7 Platform in its private suite in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016. To set up a press meeting with Quantenna during CES, please contact: tradeshow@quantenna.com.

About Quantenna Communications, Inc.

Quantenna is the global leader and innovator of ultra-high performance Wi-Fi semiconductor and system software solutions that establish benchmarks for speed, range, efficiency and reliability. Quantenna continues to innovate and introduced the world’s first 10G Wi-Fi technology for a new generation of access points in home, enterprise and public spaces. Quantenna Wi-Fi solutions are generations ahead of any other available solution; while transmitting faster, reaching farther and serving more devices more reliably than any other Wi-Fi solution ever created. Coupled with MAUI, the cloud-based Wi-Fi analytics platform, service providers can deliver real-time, automated Wi-Fi monitoring, optimization, and self-healing to their customers around the clock to offer the best Wi-Fi experience. Quantenna’s Wi-Fi chipsets are being deployed by Tier One retail OEMs and telecom, cable and satellite service providers worldwide including AT&T, DirecTV, Orange and Telefonica. With the industry’s highest performing Wi-Fi solutions, Quantenna is Wi-Fi Perfected. For more information visit, www.quantenna.com. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.