Communications System Architect/Director - SanJose

In the position of System Architect and/or Director, the candidate will define system requirements, develop architectures and create advanced algorithms for state of the art Wi-Fi systems. Candidate will interface with customers and internal cross functional teams to develop and derive requirements for the system using big picture knowledge of Wi-Fi system and detailed understanding of the inner working algorithms implemented digital or analog ASIC or SW.

Ideal candidate will conduct system simulation, performance optimization and architectural trade-off for hardware and software implementation. He or she will work closely with software and ASIC teams in implementation and verification of designed algorithms.


  • In-depth knowledge of wireless communication systems with previous Wi-Fi experience a plus.
  • Expected to have detailed knowledge and substantial experience in one or more of the following area:
    • Advanced wireless communication techniques, OFDM system design, Advanced MIMO decoders such as ML and sphere decoders, MU-MIMO precoding, digital beamforming.
    • Carrier and timing synchronization, advanced error correction techniques such as LDPC, advanced linearization techniques including ET, DPD, PAPR, advanced cross layer and MAC level optimization.
    • RF system design and analysis and simulation, understanding of RF calibration techniques, ability to write detailed system and block level RFIC specification and requirements.
  • Precious experience in standardization process and contribution and participation in 802.11, WFA, 3GPP, etc. a plus.
  • Able to explore new technologies and ideas and develop IP in key areas such as Massive MIMO, Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP), simultaneous transmit/receiver, etc.
  • Must be able to conduct system simulation, performance optimization and architectural trade-off for hardware and software implementation.
  • Must have strong competency in simulating complex communication and signal processing algorithms in MATLAB and C.
  • Knowledge of ASIC and DSP software implementation, fixed point operation and lab equipment a plus.
  • Able to plan and coordinate projects with teams globally and execute projects independently.
  • Must have a MS or PhD with course work in communication and signal processing with 10+ years of related work experience.
Please forward your resume to hr@quantenna.com. Please include the job title “Communications System Architect/Director” in the subject.

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