Communications System Engineer - SanJose

In the position of System Engineer, the candidate will work on developing new algorithms and techniques for wireless communication systems. Candidate will work closely with the senior system engineers in design and simulation of complex algorithms and integration of the system. Specific tasks will include wireless OFDM receiver design with emphasis in design of various MIMO decoding algorithms including ZF, MMSE, MLD, SIC and sphere decoding. Knowledge of advance coding technique is a plus but not required.

Ideal candidate will conduct system simulation, performance optimization and architectural trade-off for hardware and software implementation. He or she will work closely with software and ASIC teams in implementation and verification of designed algorithms.


  • In-depth knowledge of wireless communication systems with previous WiFi experience a plus.
  • Requires knowledge experience in one or more of the following area:
    • Advanced wireless communication techniques, OFDM system design, Advanced MIMO decoders such as ML and sphere decoders and their efficient implementation, MU-MIMO precoding, digital beamforming.
    • Carrier and timing synchronization, signal acquisition and filter design.
    • Error correction techniques such as LDPC and BCC.
    • Advanced linearization techniques including ET, DPD, PAPR.
    • Advanced cross layer and MAC level optimization.
    • RF system design and analysis and simulation, understanding of RF calibration techniques, ability to write detailed system and block level RFIC specification and requirements.
  • Must be able to conduct system simulation, performance optimization and architectural trade-off for hardware and software implementation.
  • Must have strong competency in simulating complex communication and signal processing algorithms in MATLAB and C.
  • Knowledge of ASIC and DSP software implementation, fixed point operation and lab equipment a plus.
  • Must have a MS or preferably PhD with course work in communication and signal processing with 3+ years of related work experience.

Please forward your resume to hr@quantenna.com. Please include the job title “Communications System Engineer” in the subject.

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