Key Performance and Reliability Benefits

Quantenna uses Wi-Fi channel monitoring and optimization as part of its implementation of 802.11ac/n Wi-Fi home networking technology. When it is combined with 4x4 MIMO, dynamic digital beamforming, channel monitoring and optimization delivers key performance and reliability benefits. It is a key ingredient for whole-home entertainment networking, including supporting multiple, near-flawless full-HD video streams.

In a MIMO 802.11ac/n system, a transmitter with knowledge of the underlying channel state information (CSI) can achieve a higher channel capacity compared to transmission without CSI. For the most effective channel monitoring and optimization, Quantenna’s technology generates time-varying, wireless channel state information. This information is updated in real time to optimize wireless throughput between the access point and any given receiver station.

Knowledge of accurate and timely CSI at the transmitter is becoming increasingly important in wireless communication systems. Quantenna characterizes each channel in real time, optimizing channel throughput for each time-varying channel.