Welcome world to simultaneous HD video streaming.

The QHS710 is the world’s first solution to enable gateways, routers, video bridges and other products to reliably transmit live TV over Wi-Fi that satisfied service providers’ carrier class quality requirements. With QHS710, multiple concurrent multiple high-definition (HD) video streams can be sent from access points to multiple set-top boxes with whole-home coverage The QHS710 was the world’s first Wi-Fi chipset to support 4x4 MIMO technology, a way for data to be sent and received using 4 unique streams between access points and clients. It also pioneered the use of advanced transmit beamforming and unequal MCS modulation. All these technologies together, enabled QHS710 based home networks to deliver the full range of services and applications – including multi-room digital video recording (DVR) and video streaming services – without requiring expensive new cabling through the home.