Choose the Reference in 802.11ac Wave 2 4x4 MIMO

QSR1000 was the 1st 802.11ac chipset using 4x4 MIMO Technology. It was consequently the first chipset on the market able to break the barrier of Gigabit throughput over Wi-Fi. In your Access Point, this means more capacity delivered to more devices, all over your Home or Office. QSR1000 also enhances your network with Multi-User MIMO, a Technology that boosts the capacity of your Wi-Fi Network even further with compatible devices The excellence of QSR1000 has led many manufacturers and Service Providers to use it their Wi-Fi Access Points, Repeaters and Clients worldwide. The Wi-Fi Alliance has also selected Quantenna as a reference chipset in their latest Wi-Fi Alliance 802.11ac Certification program. QSR1000 is consequently one of the very first MU-MIMO Access Points certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.