802.11ac Gigabit-Wireless Solution for Retail Wi-Fi Routers and Consumer Electronics

The QAC2300 802.11ac solution builds on Quantenna's 4x4 MIMO foundation to enable 2 Gbps wireless routers. It's the first gigabit-speed IEEE 802.11ac solution that includes 4x4 MIMO to enable best-in-class wireless broadband capabilities to bandwidth-intensive retail and consumer electronics applications including wireless routers, access points, and high-end consumer electronics devices.

The QAC2300 two-chip solution includes a new 4x4 MIMO digital baseband chip that supports the latest 802.11ac specifications, combined with Quantenna's shipping radio frequency (RF) chip, that already supports 802.11ac.

Rapid Time to Market

Quantenna's new QAC2300-RDK reference design was developed to the current draft of the IEEE 802.11ac standard and includes schematics, layout, and design guidelines. Building on the existing RF front end chip which already supports 802.11ac, it enables rapid time to market with 2 Gbps dual-band, dual-concurrent operation (5 GHz 802.11ac plus 2.4 GHz 802.11n) using PCI-e or dual RGMII interfaces.

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