World's First Full-11.n 4x4 MIMO Solution

The QHS600 is a fully integrated, single-chip solution with the performance and reliability to deliver up to four video streams, anywhere in the home, with full HD quality and 1080p resolution.

As the world’s first Full-11n™ solution, the QHS600 device incorporates a significant selection of the IEEE 802.11n optional technical specifications including 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), dynamic digital beamforming and channel monitoring and optimization. These Full-11n features ensure up to 25 dB performance improvement as compared to earlier WLAN solutions, while also enabling QHS600-based products to interoperate with existing Wi-Fi devices.

Five Times the Coverage

The QHS600 delivers five times the coverage of other 802.11n solutions, across multiple rooms and devices, eliminating problems with dead spots. It uses digital beamforming in the IEEE 802.11a/n 5 GHz frequency band to deliver up to 300 Mbps PHY/data link speeds, across up-to-200-foot distances, with optimal video quality thanks to near-zero packet error rates. It also minimizes system latencies for real-time applications such as online bidirectional video-game controllers, and can operate in point-to-multipoint mode to support more than 10 concurrent HD streams.

The QHS600 chipset reduces bill of materials (BOM) costs by integrating functionality that would otherwise require an additional front-end module (FEM), including four RF transceivers and associated power amplifiers (PAs) and low noise amplifiers (LNAs). The QHS600 also features an advanced MIMO baseband and media access controller (MAC), and provides tremendous processing capability using dual ARM CPUs and DSPs along with application-specific hardware acceleration.

The QHS600 device is supported by a Wireless Video Bridge Reference Design Kit (RDK) including an evaluation board plus cables for connecting it to an external controller through Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet or USB 2.0 ports. The Software Development Kit (SDK) implements all networking and device discovery/connectivity functionality for a wireless 802.11n video bridge module. The kit also includes a full test suite of specialized video-over-wireless radio frequency (RF) calibration and performance-characterization software, including an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

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