Highly Integrated Solutions

Wi-Fi has become an essential ingredient of the modern broadband digital home, and consumers increasingly expect to see it in products ranging from smartphones and media players to connected flat panel TVs, game consoles, personal video records and even video cameras. Manufacturers will only integrate Wi-Fi into their products, though, if they are confident that it can satisfy high consumer expectations for data networking and digital entertainment quality and reliability, without fear of costly support calls and/or product returns.

Yesterday’s Wi-Fi solutions simply aren’t up to the challenge. The coming generation of digital entertainment applications requires the same quality as wired Ethernet, which can only be delivered using Quantenna's 802.11ac and 802.11n solutions that feature Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) with dynamic digital beamforming and channel monitoring and optimization. Quantenna’s solutions deliver all of these features, which are mandatory for ensuring at least 100 Mbps data rates, over at least 100 feet, nearly 100 percent of the time, for both data networking and up to full HD video streaming with 1080p resolution.