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Significantly Cut the Number of Access Points

Wireless connectivity is becoming increasingly vital for day-to-day business productivity throughout the world. IT managers need wireless solutions that leverage the enormous installed base of industry-standard Wi-Fi products and services while also supporting the more rigorous demands of increasingly mobile workers, for whom a poor or lost connection can mean a lost file, a lost sale or a lost customer. They also need extremely cost-effective solutions, able to span the longest distances and greatest number of users possible with the minimum number of access points.

Quantenna’s 802.11ac and 802.11n solutions are the first of their kind to deliver the entire range of 802.11n features and the advanced optional features of the 802.11ac that are required for ultra-reliable, near-flawless networking connections. At the same time, they retain complete compatibility with earlier Wi-Fi technology. Most important for the enterprise, Quantenna’s solutions provide the necessary additional bandwidth to significantly cut the number of access points that are required to service a building or campus – often by as much as 50 percent compared to alternative solutions.

Quantenna solutions also enhance productivity by delivering predictable, near-flawless performance anywhere in the coverage area, even when moving from one access point to another. Additionally, they ensure content and privacy security without compromising performance by using an integrated digital signal processing (DSP) engine for higher-layer acceleration of all security protocols. Finally, they make it easy for IT departments to deploy secure networking services by including a variety of features that ensure ultra-simplified setup, including auto detection of access point and bridge mode, and security pre-configuration with single-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup when new devices are added to the network.