2 Gbps Wireless Solutions

There is growing demand for retail products with best-in-class wireless broadband capabilities at industry-leading 2 Gbps data rates for bandwidth-intensive consumer electronics applications. Retail customers want the fastest possible routers, access points and high-end consumer electronics devices, while also achieving the ultimate, high-quality video and gaming experience.

Improving throughput without sacrificing video quality requires a convergence of 802.11n 4x4 MIMO and next-generation 802.11ac technologies. Quantenna is the first company to deliver a 2 Gbps IEEE 802.11ac WLAN solution, and the first to combine it with 4x4 MIMO technology so that retail users don't have to trade quality for performance.

Quantenna's 802.11ac solution will enable retail and consumer electronics product manufacturers to bring 2 Gbps wireless solutions to market. These products will make it possible for consumers to enjoy an increasing variety of video-intensive content from cloud applications, social media, SMS-over-Wi-Fi, and OTT video such as Netflix, while supporting today's explosion of mobile, wireless-only devices such as iPads and other tablets. Even popular desktop PCs use Wi-Fi as their primary connection, and there is a growing need for a new home Wi-Fi router with enough horsepower to handle today's rapidly expanding volume of broadband wireless data traffic in the home.