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  • QHS710
  • Unparalleled performance - at play or work.

    Wi-Fi has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It’s an essential part of our homes and offices. So much so that we now expect this ubiquitous technology to follow us wherever we go, such as parks, shopping center, and outdoor public places as well as accompanying us wherever we go in our cars and airports.

    No matter the location, we expect Wi-Fi to work seamlessly to connect us to the world. This is why our unique technology is the perfect solution for today’s lifestyle. Quantenna Wi-Fi solutions don’t just support the latest IEEE Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11ac, we do it in a unique way to bring the full benefits of Wi-Fi like no one else before. Our Wi-Fi solutions embrace the full spectrum of standards technology, including optional provisions, and add in advanced Quantenna technology to improve speed, range and reliability.

    These technologies allow Quantenna Wi-Fi solutions to provide the industry’s first wire-like reliability for wireless video content distribution, increased capacity to support more devices in any given location, dead-spot removal, and many others. We invite you to explore the unique benefits of Quantenna Wi-Fi solutions and are confident that you will find our solutions to be Wi-Fi Perfected.