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    We at Quantenna are passionate about doing one thing - building the best Wi-Fi solutions that push the capabilities of next generation wireless applications. To truly deliver a better experience, your wireless networks depend on the absolute best in predictable performance, rock-solid reliability and ease of deployment technology. However, only our innovative technology has been designed to meet these demands while supporting true whole-home, full HD video distribution over standard Wi-Fi networks.

    Unparalleled Performance at play or work

    Wi-Fi has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It’s an essential part of our home and office, so much that we now expect this ubiquitous technology to follow us everywhere. It's become necessary when we are on the go in cars, public transportation and airplanes; when we are out and about in parks, shopping centers, and outdoor public places.

    No matter the location, we expect Wi-Fi to work seamlessly to connect us to the world. This is why our unique technology is the perfect solution for today’s lifestyle. Our Wi-Fi solutions embrace the full spectrum of standards technology, including optional provisions, and add in advanced Quantenna technologies to improve speed, range and reliability. These pioneering technologies provide the industry with the fastest and most reliable wireless solutions, increasing capacity to support more devices in any given location.

    Imagine the wireless possibilities

    It means distributing multiple HD video streams simultaneously throughout your home at full 1080p resolution and unsurpassed reliability, regardless of how many devices are connected through Wi–Fi. In 2006, our founders came together around this very vision and today - after years of groundbreaking innovation - we are proud to say we’ve done it. Our partners and customers around the world are now delivering seamless HD video and uninterrupted data through a new generation of wireless set-top boxes, access points, residential gateways, video bridges, and other devices, all powered by Quantenna Wi-Fi technology.

    So sit back and experience the beauty of true, reliable broadband connected multimedia from anywhere in your home.

    Leadership Team

    Dr. Sam Heidari

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    Sean Sobers

    Chief Financial Officer

    David Carroll

    Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

    Simon Duxbury

    Senior Vice President, Silicon & Systems Engineering

    Joe Chow

    Senior Vice President, Product & Program Management

    Farhat Jahangir

    Senior Vice President, Operations & Quality

    Dr. Kamlesh Rath

    Senior Vice President, Software Engineering

    Tom MacMitchell

    General Counsel

    Shelly Morales

    Vice President, Human Resources

    Board of Directors

    Dr. Sam Heidari

    Glenda Dorchak

    Ned Hooper

    Harold Hughes

    Jack Lazar

    John Scull

    Mark A. Stevens