Passion, innovation and the pursuit of tomorrow drives us.
What drives you?

Originally founded by the brightest minds in the semiconductor, wireless and networking industries - our family has grown tremendously in the past 10 years. This growth has been fueled not just by our success in designing tomorrow’s technology but in attracting and developing the best talent of today. What we do at Quantenna isn’t easy, but if it were – none of us would enjoy it like we do! But lest we forget, it’s not always JUST about having fun. So ask yourself. Do you enjoy a good challenge? How about a fast-paced work environment? Are you inspired by new technology or just like using it? If the answer is yes, join our innovative team to shape the future of Wi-Fi.

Why work for us?

  • Leader in Wi-Fi:

    Quantenna is the recognized leader in Wi-Fi technology. Our customers have recognized this and are working with us in defining their next generation products.

  • Career Growth:
    • Gain exposure to a broader experience, opportunity to see more, learn more and do more
    • Endless opportunity for engineers from working on cutting edge wireless technology such as 8x8, MU-MIMO, beam-forming, 160 MHz, 10Gpbs, Multi-AP optimizations
    • Come learn our technology and help build it, we are not your typical Wi-Fi Mac + baseband chip company, we create solutions all the way from the antenna through the full network stack and to the cloud
    • Be a part of the team that is blazing the trail forward in the world of Wi-Fi
  • Company Growth:

    Gain exposure to the high growth phase of the company and partner with us to have the opportunity to be part of scaling our business. Endless opportunity to grow with us.

  • Financial Growth:

    Be a part of the upside to our RSU’s as the company grows, it’s a great time to get in as we recently went IPO on a strong growth trajectory.

  • Culture:
    • Close collaboration between cross-functional teams – from ASIC to SW to RF, etc.
    • Passionate teams that work together across the globe to create the best Wi-Fi experience for the users
    • Open door policy, real interaction with the CEO and Executive team members
    • Quantenna cares – we care about our employees as a whole ranging from career growth to family events
  • Benefits:

    Great benefits ranging from competitive salary packages, customized health plans, PTO, holidays, subsidized gym memberships, exclusive discounts, etc.

  • What is the Quantenna Way?
    • We are committed to our success
    • We DO work as partners
    • We DO have respect, trust, & compassion for others
    • We DO create the path when there is chaos and act like a pioneer
    • We DO have high work ethics
    • We DO have a “can-do” attitude
    • We DO hold others accountable
    • We DO have a frugal attitude
    • We DO subscribe to our company values
  • What is NOT the Quantenna Way?
    • We DON'T get ahead through bullying
    • We DON'T pin the blame on someone else
    • We DON'T take credit for other's success
    • We DON'T always see the glass half empty
    • We DON'T push hidden or personal agendas
    • We DON'T withhold critical information
    • We DON'T ingore requests for help
    • We DON'T make simple solutions complicated
    • We WILL NOT be passive aggressive
  • The Quantenna Cares Program

    We care about the world around us. We are globally giving back to our communities and creating traditions.

  • The Quantenna Green Way

    We care about our earth and are committed to reducing waste, consumption and protecting our ecosystems.

Tomorrow starts today. Join us now.

Job Openings

St. Petersburg, Russia

SMTS, Cloud Services Backend Development

PMTS, Cloud Services Backend Development

SMTS DevOps Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud Services

Wireless System DSP/FW Engineer

Systems DSP/FW Engineer

Communications System Engineer

Communications System Manager/Architect

Shanghai/Wuxi, China

Senior Engineer, ASIC Verification, Shanghai

Sydney, Australia
Taipei/Hsinchu, Taiwan

Senior Quality & PLM Engineer - Hsinchu

Paris, France

Field Application Engineer (SMTS)