World's First Full-11n™ Dynamic Digital Beam Forming 4x4 MIMO Solution

The QHS610 reference design is a fully integrated, third-generation solution optimized for volume production, and future-proofed with a feature set that is considerably ahead of alternative solutions. The company has cut device size in half and power consumption by one-third as compared to previous solutions, and incorporated features that simplify transceiver certification in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Quantenna also has optimized performance for today’s carrier-class networking platforms, while anticipating the requirements of emerging standards. Error vector magnitude (EVM) and phase-noise performance have both been enhanced to boost range and reliability, and the chipset’s best-in-class receiver linearity significantly reduces interference.

Quantenna has increased channel bandwidth to 80MHz, enabling the chipset to support higher throughput for such emerging standards as 802.11ac, which is expected to deliver speeds of up to 1.2 gigabits per second by improving on the efficiency of existing technology. These and other Quantenna Full-11n chipset features give carriers the whole-home reach and reliability they need to provide their subscribers with the best possible experience when they are receiving broadband entertainment and networking services.

Reliable Wireless Video Delivery Throughout the Home

Quantenna’s QHS610 solution incorporates all specifications in the IEEE802.11n standard including 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). It also incorporates extensions to the IEEE802.11n standard including dynamic digital beamforming, and wireless channel monitoring and optimizing. These features enable Wi-Fi home networks to deliver the same quality as wired Ethernet, including supporting up to full HD video with 1080p resolution, anywhere in the home, while guaranteeing compatibility with existing and future IEEE 802.11n-compliant products. Quantenna’s Full-11n technology also enables industry-standard Wi-Fi to serve as an ultra-reliable, carrier-class, whole-home IPTV networking backbone for complementary single-room wireless technologies, including emerging short-range 60 GHz solutions from companies in the WirelessHD™ Consortium and Wireless Gigabit Alliance™ (WiGig).

Quantenna’s third-generation chipset is available now as part of the company’s QHS610 reference design. The reference design includes an evaluation board plus cables for connecting it to an external controller. A complete software developer’s kit (SDK) implements the entire networking and device discovery/connectivity functionality required for a full solution supporting the 802.11n standard. Also included is a full test suite of specialized video-over-wireless radio frequency (RF) calibration and performance-characterization software, including an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

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