Solutions Include All Necessary Features

Quantenna is playing a key role in the industry’s transition to a new generation of whole-home wireless entertainment networking products and services. Quantenna’s 802.11ac and solutions include all necessary features for a new level of Wi-Fi wireless quality and reliability. These features include 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology, dynamic digital beamforming and channel monitoring and optimization.

Taking Wireless Networking to the Next Level of Consumer Service Deployment

Consumers demand the higher quality and reliability that only solutions can provide, and service providers are depending on it for a new class of high-performance media gateways that are expected to drive significant growth in average revenue per user (ARPU) for subscriber services. No alternative can meet today’s more challenging requirements. Anything less will disappoint consumers and derail service deployment or require costly truck rolls.

Solutions with 4x4 MIMO, dynamic digital beamforming and other key IEEE 802.11ac/n features ensure superior networking reliability and entertainment-grade video quality.

By offering the same quality as wired Ethernet, Quantenna’s Wi-Fi wireless networking solutions deliver the best possible consumer wireless-networking experience, including full HDTV quality with 1080p video resolution. Performance meets the so-called “Gold Standard” for carrier deployment of wireless entertainment networking. It delivers up to four flawless high-definition (HD) video streams at more than 100 Mbps data rates, over 100 feet, and guarantees this performance nearly 100 percent of the time through near-zero packet error rate (PER) data transfers, regardless of signal impairments and dead zones that are typical in the home.

The typical home often has poor coverage caused by dead zones, signal interference and areas of unreliable bandwidth.

5x the Coverage, 2x the Throughput

Quantenna’s unique combination of technologies delivers up to five times the coverage and twice the throughput of other 802.11ac/n solutions across the 5 GHz frequency band, ensuring the ultra-low system latencies necessary for real-time applications such as online bidirectional video-game controllers. Content and privacy security is ensured without compromising performance by using an integrated digital signal processing (DSP) engine for higher-layer security acceleration. Additionally, a variety of Quantenna features ensure ultra-simplified setup, including auto detection of access point and bridge mode, and security pre-configuration with single-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup when new devices are added to the network.

Leading consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers have selected Quantenna’s technology to create a new category of wireless entertainment networking retail products and services. The company is working with its customers and development partners on product and service launches that will redefine the wireless entertainment experience by offering the critical combination of predictable performance, rock-solid reliability, and easy service deployment.

Quantenna’s unique multi-core system-on-chip (SoC) architecture will pave the way for exciting new service models, such as centralized, multi-channel DVRs, remote DVR/STB maintenance and management, digital rights management, and content/privacy security.