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Taking Wireless Networking to the Next Level

There is modern-day gold rush underway, as carriers stake their claim to the market for next-generation broadband entertainment services that are delivered over the Internet and distributed throughout the home. These services will be enabled by a new class of high-performance media gateways that are expected to drive significant growth in carriers’ average revenue per user (ARPU). Success is predicated on the assurance of ultra-reliable, industry-standard Wi-Fi connections that eliminate the requirement for any new wiring to be installed before these gateways can be deployed, and that avoid the need for costly maintenance calls by delivering near-flawless and highly predictable performance, anywhere in the home.

Quantenna has pioneered a new class of whole-home wireless networking solutions that are taking wireless networking to the next level of consumer service deployment. The company’s 802.11ac and 802.11n solutions incorporate the entire range of features that are necessary for delivering the so-called “Gold Standard” of wireless quality and reliability -- up to four flawless high-definition (HD) video streams at more than 100 Mbps data rates, over 100 feet, nearly 100 percent of the time through near-zero packet error rate (PER) data transfers anywhere in the home.

Quantenna’s solutions are the industry’s first to deliver 802.11ac/n-compliant 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), dynamic digital beamforming and channel monitoring and optimization. These solutions give carriers the confidence they need to deploy triple-play voice, data and video services and the best possible customer experience for IPTV and up to full HD video, without worrying about extensive customer support or expensive truck rolls. Solutions also provide the platform for new service models, such as centralized, multi-channel DVRs, remote DVR/STB maintenance and management, digital rights management, and content/privacy security.