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    Tomorrow’s Wi-Fi delivered today

    Service Providers are delivering a new generation of broadband services such as live video, voice, security, and other wireless applications. These services will be enabled by a new class of high-performance home gateways and almost exclusively delivered through Wi-Fi.

    To meet these demanding requirements, our innovative Wi-Fi solutions are designed to take wireless networking to the next level. These solutions incorporate the entire range of features that are necessary for Service Providers to guarantee the delivery of different applications with the utmost quality. Quantenna's technology ensures best client connections with the ability to prioritize traffic, elimiate interference and much more. In addition, we are the only Wi-Fi solution provider offering a cloud-based infrastructure to monitor the health of all Wi-Fi networks at all times.


    Smart Solution for Smart Home

    Let’s face it. The demand for high-performance, wireless home connectivity is exploding. The growing number of tablets, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Ultra HD media players that enable sharing and streaming of video intensive content from the cloud demands high performance Wi-Fi routers.

    At Quantenna, we are focused on developing leading-edge Wi-Fi solutions that deliver high performance and reliable Wi-Fi to all corners of the home. Improving throughput while maintaining HD video quality requires a convergence of MIMO and next-generation of Wi-Fi technologies. Our Wi-Fi solutions power some of the most advanced router/access point products that are available in the market today and are paving the way for future devices.

    Wireless ISP (WISP)

    It just works Everywhere

    Wireless ISPs are newly emerging providers of high speed internet connectivity that use outdoor gigabit wireless networks. Whether providing broadband service to rural communities, video surveillance or smart city/M2M connectivity applications; Wireless ISPs seek to leverage outdoor Wi-Fi platforms for delivering these services.

    Quantenna’s high performance Wi-Fi technology provides a unique value to the Wireless ISP networks. This includes robust link connectivity using combination of MIMO and digital beam forming, gigabit throughput performance using multi-stream transmission and scalability to support large client capacity. In addition, we are the only Wi-Fi solutions provider to offer a cloud-based infrastructure to monitor the health of all Wi-Fi networks and ensure its connectivity at all times.


    Reliable connectivity & More productivity

    Your business depends on its wireless connection to the world. A lost or weak signal could mean a lost sale or much worse. Perhaps more than ever, the number of wireless users is exploding within the enterprise. As a result, companies demand reliable, high performance and not to mention, cost-effective wireless solutions.

    Our high performance Wi-Fi solutions are the first of their kind to deliver the entire range of 802.11ac capabilities along with the optional advanced features required for ultra-reliable networking connections. These solutions also retain full compatibility with earlier Wi-Fi technologies. Most importantly, Quantenna's Wi-Fi solutions provide the best-in-class coverage and the highest capacity to significantly cut the number of access points required to serve the enterpise environment.