The Highest Performance Wi-Fi for Set-Top-Boxes

Leveraging the success of the award-winning QSR1000, Quantenna adapted its superior 4-stream technology in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and introduced its dual-band selectable QSR2000C family of products. The QSR2000C is ideally adapted to high performance Media Players, Consumer devices and Set-Top Boxes. Combined with QSR1000 Access Points in 5Ghz Band, QSR2000C will ensure a superior user experience by providing high quality Wi-Fi service at the longest range. The QSR2000C 2.4GHz interface provides universal connectivity to all legacy Access Points. In addition, QSR2000C when paired with QSR10G provides the farthest reach in 2.4GHz band in the market.