March 19

Why you really need 10Gbit/s Wi-Fi

We all need Wi-Fi to run our everyday life. Since its first appearance, Wi-Fi has evolved nearly 1000x in its capabilities, going from the initial 802.11b that could deliver at most 11Mbps, to 802.11ax that can go above 10Gbps. But do we really need a Wi-Fi technology delivering 10Gbps? Overkill? Absolutely not. The evolution of Wi-Fi speed has been driven by two factors: Increase in broadband access speeds In the early internet days, when Wi-Fi first appeared, dial-up POTS was...

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February 7

Making Wi-Fi Truly an IoT Technology Thanks to 802.11ax

802.11ax is an important step forward for Wi-Fi, bringing many new features and improvements that have been documented quite widely within the industry. We’d like to focus on one of the lesser known benefits of 802.11ax that actually provides significant improvements to 2.4GHz operation, as well as new features improving operation of battery devices. So what does this mean when it comes to picking an IoT technology for smart home applications? Today, many different IoT connectivity technologies are used within...

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January 8

A New Wi-Fi Year at CES 2018

Welcome to Quantenna’s new Blog. We will use this forum to provide insight into our company, products and our connection to some of the biggest developments in Wi-Fi and semiconductor industry. To kick it off, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!May this year bring more Wi-Fi nodes into your home, as Wi-Fi continues to be the most pervasive high-speed wireless connectivity in the world. Most importantly, all of us at Quantenna would like to wish you and your family a...

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